"The Drone" interactive multimedia installaton

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About the project

Julita Wójcik's project named Freedom Performance, which includes the interactive multimedia installation titled "The Drone", is one of the first cultural initiatives of the Silesia Park Foundation, next to "Kontener Cooltury". In the project, which received a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Julita Wójcik discusses the limits of freedom she has experienced with the reception of her art in the public space. The Drone is the culmination of the celebration in the Silesia Park of the 25th anniversary of the first free election in Poland after World War II.

About the author

Julita Wójcik is an artist based in Gdansk and author of various artistic events. She studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk under the tutelage of Professor Franciszek Duszeńko. Julita Wójcik's artistic activities often take place in public space - in 2000, she created a vegetable and flower garden on a piece of lawn between busy streets of Gdynia, inviting passers-by to join her in working in the garden. In 2001, she gained recognition and notoriety with her performance of "Peeling potatoes" in Zachęta National Gallery of Art. Julita Wójcik has also taken her artistic performances to Rome, Berlin or Brussels. Her "Rainbow" installation in Warsaw triggered a heated social and political debate - as a result, "Rainbow" was set on fire nine times and was also exorcised. After the fire in November 2013, the people of Warsaw brought thousands of flowers to Plac Zbawiciela in Warsaw where the "Rainbow" was installed to rebuild Julita Wójcik's installation, which has since become a symbol of open and liberal worldview.

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