The objectives of the Silesian Park Foundation (Fundacja Park Śląski) is to protect the natural environment of the Silesian Park and conduct environmental education. Every year nearly 100 volunteers take part in our activities, both young people and senior citizens. Our volunteers organise environment protection patrols, plant trees and flowers, install birdhouses and build bee houses.

The headquarters of the Foundation is located in the heart of the Silesian Park. The Park animals and birds are observed from there. We have fully equipped workshops and an outstanding staff of educators and experts in environment protection. We are working closely with Wojewódzki Park Kultury i Wypoczynku im. gen. Jerzego Ziętka S.A.
Since 2012, the Silesian Park Foundation is providing environmental education to children, youth and adults in the form of free environmental workshops (both in class and in the field). Tens of thousands of local students have participated in our workshops. The Foundation has also held a number of national scientific conferences on the natural environment and its protection, published several photo books and educational volumes, and organised various outdoor educational events. The Foundation actively protects the environment by analysing the smog levels in the Park and the impact of trees on air quality in the Park and in its vicinity. We are also working towards expanding our voluntary services – initially, we were focused on senior citizens but from 2014 we have also included young people. Our volunteering staff includes around 70 persons aged 60 and around 50 young volunteers.
Our main fields of activity include:

  • environmental education and environment protection,
  • eliminating social exclusion,
  • volunteering and civic duties,
  • arts and culture,
  • sports, tourism,
  • health, etc.

The Foundation’s mission is to come up with and support various initiatives and projects in the Silesian Park, and engaging our local community. The Silesian Park Foundation operates on local, voivodeship and national levels, working mainly with senior citizens, volunteers, persons with disabilities, children and youth, and NGO leaders.

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