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Parking fees in the Silesia Park:

- weekdays – PLN 3 for every hour started
- weekends (Saturdays, Sundays) and holidays – PLN 5 for every hour started

vehicles with gross weight above 3.5 tonnes pay a one-off fee of PLN 30 regardless of the time spent on the parking lot.

The first 15 minutes of parking is free of charge.

Persons with disabilities and the relevant parking certificate – free of charge. Free-of-charge parking shall not apply in the event of an invalid or lost ticket, or if the ticket is damaged and illegible.

The parking lot (parking zone) has a single toll gate for entrance and exit.

Ticket collected from a toll gate other than the one at the exit from the parking lot (parking zone) shall be invalid. In the case of an invalid ticket, an additional fee of PLN 50.00 shall be charged.

If the ticket is lost or damaged and illegible, an additional fee of PLN 50.00 shall be charged   at the toll booth on the same day, PLN 100.00 if paid 7 days later by bank transfer or at the ticket office of WPKiW and PLN 300.00 if paid more than 7 days later (calculated from the date on which the fee was imposed).

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