Perennial garden

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This charming theme garden was designed by the staff of the Green Department at the turn of 1961 and 1962. The main aim was to reduce the cost of planting in the annual flowerbeds, which were innumerable. The perennial garden was to be a breeding ground for the replacement of some of the annual flowers. And so it did. Perennials are perennial plants which lose all their above-ground parts during the winter. All that remains is what is hidden in the ground: rhizomes, roots, bulbs.
On summer evenings in a perennial garden, all the benches are occupied. Strollers listen to the blackbirds and contemplate the beauty of the flowering plants. And there is much to admire, because even the grass has unusual colouring. From the alleys, you cannot really see it, as the trees form a tight screen. The garden covers 1.6 hectares and impresses with its variety of flowers, shrubs and grasses. It always smells beautifully, and the flowerbeds delight the eye with their palette of colours, as they are planted not only with many species, but also in such a way that perennials flowering in different months are placed next to each other. In this way, the garden is full of flowers from April to August. In addition, they are planted in larger clusters, creating colourful patches.

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