Mosaic Garden

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Theme garden, modernised in 2021 as part of the Municipal Project entitled 'Modernisation of the Silesian Park'. The main idea of the modernisation of the area was to develop it with respect for the historical layout and to give the functions of exhibition and recreation and leisure a new quality.

The most important elements of the garden are the renovated walls from the 1960s, decorated with three-dimensional stone mosaics. The texture of the walls has been emphasised with light illumination, creating a unique atmosphere. Two of the walls are sprinkled with water, cooling the air and keeping it moist in the close vicinity. Stone slabs and clinker paving in the floor give it a mosaic character. This is complemented by flowers, perennials and ornamental grasses of different species and colours. Walls with seating, loungers, benches, lighting and a drinking water fountain are located in the space.

Infiltration basins have been created to collect and store rainwater from the green areas. The water is used for vegetation.

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