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The 16-metre-high Giraffe is one of the best known and immediately recognisable landmarks in the Silesian Voivodeship, and a symbol of the Silesian Park. Aleja Żyrafy (Giraffe avenue), leading to the Silesian Zoo, is named after the sculpture.

Cast in 1959 in Gliwickie Zakłady Urządzeń Technicznych (Gliwice Technical Works), the Giraffe is a relatively simple structure, with three diagonal supports converging into a leaning vertical arm crowned with an oval ornament with an oval opening, giving the sculpture the appearance of a giraffe. The concept of the Giraffe was developed by Leopold Pędziałek and Leszek Dutka, and the structure itself was designed by Jerzy Tombiński. The creators chose not to shape their sculpture exactly like a giraffe, taking instead the minimum minimorum approach and deciding that the structure will be more stable with three legs rather than four. It was a very audacious and visionary project, ahead of the trends in art and architecture of its time.

In 2000, the 16-metre-high sculpture was painted yellow with brown spots. In 2011, the Giraffe underwent a thorough renovation which restored its original appearance, and was entered into the register of historic monuments.

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